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Unique Things in Thailand
Traditional Thai massage: Traditional Thai Massage (nuat paen boran) dates from the time of the Buddha and is related to Chinese acupuncture and Indian yoga. The highly trained masseurs at the wat specialize in pulling and stretching the limbs and torso to relieve various ailments ranging from general tension to viruses. Visitors can experience a massage or learn the art through a 10 or 15 day course in Thai or English.

Bird watching: Bird watching is possible of green patches in the suburbs of Bangkok which provide haven for adaptable birds with strange sounds. Areas around Bangkok, however, provide some interesting possibilities. The estuary and coast contain large areas of inter-tidal mud flats with enormous concentrations of wintering and passage shorebirds both east - in Samut Prakan - and west - in Samut Sakhon and Samut Songkhram - of the Chao Phraya estuary. For the enthusiasts day trips to the coastal areas are organized.

Cooking: Thai cuisine is one of the most distinctive with a rich variety of flavors and enormous range of dishes. Cookery schools in Bangkok can tailor programs to meet the time one has available and the menu you want to take home. There are number of dishes one could learn to make and take home.

Meditation: When in the country visitors can go for one of the Thailand unique things that is meditation. Meditation is one of the most popular aspects of Buddhism, practiced regularly by numerous Thais, and laymen as a means of promoting inner peace and happiness. There are temples throughout the country - including forest temples in eastern Isan - which provide opportunities for meditation and Bangkok contains a concentration of meditation centers which offer classes in English for foreign visitors who wish to find out more about Buddhism and Buddhist meditation.

Thailand Traditional Entertainment: Thai Classical Dances are featured by a number of venues and hotels around the country, and usually includes dinner. A pleasant introduction to Thai music and musical instruments, it also helps to explain some of the intricacies of classical dance. An evening of traditional entertainment will often include a few short scenes from the Khon masked drama taken from the Ramakien, the Thai version of the Ramayana. Classical dancing is also performed daily at the National Theatre.

Drinking: Thailand offers a remarkable range of soft drinks, fresh juices, and imported and local mineral waters. Singha (pronounced Sing) and Chang beers are the standard brews of consumption among Thais, while Kloster, Carlsberg, Heineken and other international brand name beers are now brewed in Thailand. There are several strong rice-based spirits and locally brewed whiskeys on the market that are increasingly popular among the Thais.

Thailand Trekking: A large number of specialized companies operate in Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai, where trekking has become increasingly popular, but there are several other areas that are worth a visit by the ardent trekker. No trip to Thailand is complete without an elephant ride, and this is the place to do it.

Thailand Sports: Water sports, such as scuba diving, windsurfing, sailing, parasailing, deep sea fishing, and sea canoeing are available off many of the main beach resorts. There are now over 160 top golf courses around the country. Thai Boxing can be also seen at Bangkok's Ratchadamnoen and Lumpini Stadiums and there are many gyms available to study the art. Tennis, horseriding, archery, shooting, snooker, badminton, bowling, and go-carting are just a few of the other options.

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