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Thailand Climate

Thailand climate is tropical, as it lies just south of the Tropic of Cancer. This makes the climate in Thailand warm with high temperatures and humidity. The country falls within the tropical monsoon zone of Southeast Asia, thus dominated by monsoons. Thailand experiences hot weather in April and May which are the hottest months of the year, when even the local people are moved to complain about the heat. The month of June sees the beginning of the South West Monsoon, which brings in rainy season.

The climate of Thailand makes the best time to travel is when the weather is cooler during mid-October to early March. Though its fine to visit during the off-season too as the temperature is generally moderate and moreover there are always lots of festivals and activities all-year-round. The cooling North East breeze makes the Thailand's climate much less trying and a reduction in the humidity level during the period from November to February. This period also makes it best tourist season.
With the kind of Thailand climates, light cotton clothing is the order of the day. But it's important to carry good sunscreens and hats would be useful as the tropical sun can be quite harsh to the skin.

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