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Full Country Name : Thailand
Capital : Bangkok
Geography : The kingdom of Thailand lies in the heart of Southeast Asia, making it a natural gateway to Indochina, Myanmar and Southern China.
People : 80% of the people comprise Thai, 10% Chinese, 3% Malay, and the rest are minorities, including Mons, Khmers, and hill tribes
Language : Spoken and written Thai is largely incomprehensible to the casual visitor. However, English is widely understood
Religion : Buddhism (95%), Muslim (4%), others (1%)
Currency : Thai Baht (B)
Time : The time in Thailand is seven hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (+7:00 hours GMT)
Climate : Thailand enjoys a tropical climate with three distinct seasons-hot and dry from February to May (average temperature 34 Celsius and 75% humidity); rainy with plenty of sunshine from June to October (average day temperature 29 Celsius and 87% humidity); and cool from November to January (temperatures range from 32 Celsius to below 20 Celsius with a drop in humidity)
Do's and Don't

Beware of unauthorized people who offer their services as guides. For all tourist information, contact the Tourism Authority of Thailand at telephone number 1672.

Observe all normal precautions as regards to personal safety, as well as the safety for your belongings. Visitors needing assistance relating to safety, unethical practices, or other matters, please call the Tourist Police at telephone number 1155.

Drop your garbage into a waste container. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration is strictly enforcing the law in an effort to keep the city clean and healthy.

Do not get yourself involved with drugs. Penalties for drug offences are very severe in Thailand.

Do not support any manner of wild animal abuse.

Basic Thai Phrases
English Thai
Good morning, Good evening, Good afternoon, Good night, Hello, Good-bye : Sa-wat-dee
Yes : Chai
No : Mai
Mr./Miss/Mrs. : Khun
How are you? : sabai dee reu
Fine thanks : sabai dee
Thank you : kop koon
I can't speak Thai : phoot Thai mai dai
I don't understand : mai kao chai
How much does this cost? : nee tao-rai
Very expensive : paeng maag
Any discount? : Lot-ra-kha-dai-mai
Sorry/excuse me : kor thoad
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